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Maxine Yachtwear is solution brand that creates the next generation of versatile swimsuits. 

The concept was established out of a desire to create transitional swimwear that evokes a sense of elevated sophistication, and beauty; breaking the traditional space that have previously defined a swimwear. This juxtaposition is intrinsically connected to today’s cosmopolitan woman who finds herself constantly exposed to changing elements of modern life. 

We are setting new standards by providing perfect fit for every woman. From technically constructed swimwear that enhances your curves with different kind of coverage while providing transitional pieces that can be worn from the beach to the city.

Our goal is to consistently innovate on the past and advance our industry for the future with top quality materials and craftmanship.

Maxine designs, manufactures, distributes and sells fashion and lifestyle products, including resort wear, swimwear and accessories that inspires confidence and encourages adventure, while always glamorous and comfortable.  



Maxine products are crafted with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Each Maxine product is produced from Italian and Brazilian fabrics, and handmade by expert Colombian artisans.

Aside from the fabric quality, Maxine uses the finest French and Italian nickel-free, gold plated accessories, that are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly, are also, rustproof, and keep their quality in long-term use.

Committed to the pursuit of a sustainable future, Maxine is dedicated to be a more responsible and environmentally conscious company and collaborates with companies that prioritize recycle materials, renewable energy, water-saving, and eco-friendly development.  

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