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We want you to love the way your suit fits. If you're not sure what your measurements are, this guide (and a soft measuring tape) will help you measure accurately. 


Pro Tip

If any of the following measurements fall between whole numbers for you, we suggest rounding up so that the fit is comfortable. 



Without wearing a bra, place the measuring tape around the apex of the bust, making sure it stays straight across your back (no dipping). The tape should be comfortable: not too tight, not too loose. 


Making sure the tape is parallel to the floor, measure around the slimmest point of your waist (usually between your rib cage and navel). Place one finger between your waist and the tape, and use that measurement. This will ensure that the fit is comfortable and flattering. Making sure the tape is parallel to the floor. 


Placing your feet together, find the fullest point of your hips. Wrap the measuring tape around this point, making sure it's hugging you comfortably and staying parallel to the floor all the way around. 



Maxine swimsuits are made of high quality luxurious European fabrics and meet the highest demands of quality. 

We want you to extend the longevity of your Maxine suits by taking these precautions. 

  • Hand washing your suit is always recommended.

  • Machine wash on delicate cycle is also an option.

  • Maximum washing temperature 40°C, mild process.

  • Do not bleach.

  • Do not tumble dry.

  • Drip line drying in the shade.

  • Do not iron.

  • Try to avoid rough surfaces that can create pilling.

  • Do not leave rolled up and wet.

  • Wash your bikini immediately after use, chlorine, some tanning oils, sunscreens, and fake tanning solutions can damage the fabric.

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